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Journal of Health and Medical Sciences

Journal of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Tarapacá, Chile. It is the continuation of the Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine and is published quarterly. It covers the following periods: number 1, between January and March; number 2, between April and June; number 3, between July and September; and number 4, between October and December. The abbreviation of his title is J. health med. sci., which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, legends, and bibliographical references.

Volume 9

Volume 9, Numero 1

January - April 2023

H Index and Indexing with Impact Factor/SRJ

Dr. Daniel Moraga, Ph.D.

Characterization of the imaging findings of Covid-19 and influenza in high resolution computed tomography of the thorax

Miguel Prieto; Camila Escobar; Nicolás Galvis; Diego Ossa; Daniela Velásquez; Mario González; Pablo Hidalgo; Luis Sarabia

Program “Population under Control with a Dental Risk Approach (CERO)” in the Primary Care Network, Chile, 2017-2020

Patricia Moya, Carolina Vidal, Maite Córdova, Camila Lisperguer

The Effects of Using a Cognitive Exercises Mobile App on the Functionality of Institutionalized Older Adults, a Quasi-Experimental Study

Ivonne Jorquera-Cáceres; Vagner Beserra; Patricia Acevedo-Arancibia; Macarena Cuadros-Quintana

Epidemiology of Skin Cancer in Northern Chile. Comparative Analysis with Other Nation

Juan Carlos Maturana Arancibia, Eduardo Parra Villegas, Pedro Hecht López, Andrea Bravo Castro, Fernando Ávalos Valenzuela

Peritoneal mesothelioma as a cause of acute abdomen. Case report

Juan Carlos Maturana Arancibia; Eduardo Parra Villegas; Pedro Hecht López; Andrea Bravo Castro & Fernando Ávalos Valenzuela

Dosimeter arrangement for effective dose and isodose curves determinations into craniofacial cavity

José Daniel Campos Méndez; Gerardo Noguera Vega

Stomach Cancer Mortality in Guayaquil, according to historical trends

Real-Cotto Jhony Joe, Jaramillo-Feijoo Leyda Elizabeth, Tanca-Campozano Juan Pablo, Puga-Peña Gonzalo Rafael, Pacheco-Vila Lourdes Carolina, Real-Roby Roddy Andrés

Efficacy of music therapy in population with autism spectrum disorder: a literature review

Kjara Yañez Palma, Anaí Barrueto Carvajal, Sandra Vidal Cejas, Valentina Escobar Escobar, Evelyn Herrera Sánchez, Natalia Herrera Medina

Effectiveness of non-pharmacological methods in pain management in labor

Marisell Correa Butrón, Katherine Salgado Prieto, Jessica Moreno Garcés